Continuing Education

Continuing Education (CE)

The Montessori for Social Justice Annual Conference provides up to 20 hours of continuing professional development for attendees. Attendance at the pre-conference retreat, keynotes, workshops, and networking sessions all qualify as continuing professional development by Montessori for Social Justice.

CE hours are determined by the length of the session, 1.5 hour workshop results in 1.5 hours of CE.

Attendees will receive a certificate at the beginning of the conference to track their continuing professional development. At each session, attendees will receive a sticker providing details of the session (name of session, facilitators, hours) to place on their certificate.

State Professional Development Fulfillment

Montessori for Social Justice does not pre-approve professional development hours at the individual state level. To determine acceptance of the conference in your state, please check with the individual agencies or departments that oversee educational licensing. 

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